Hosting The Ultimate Outdoor Wedding

With summer weddings in full swing, the team at A Stylish Event has been busy planning and coordinating outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland can be tricky with our unpredictable weather. This summer we have been blessed with nothing but gorgeous blue skies, however as we all know it’s not always like that! Here are some tips to planning an outdoor wedding not only in the Lower Mainland but anywhere!

1. Have a tent on reserve. You can either obsess over your weather app for weeks before your wedding willing the rain symbol to change to happy sun or you can call a local tent company and ask them to hold a tent for you for your wedding date, weather permitted. Most tent companies are happy to do so at no extra charge. If it does decide to rain on your wedding day, you are readily prepared.

2. Provide your guests with plenty of sun protection items. The best way to do this is set up a table at the entrance of your venue with various different kinds of travel sized sunscreen, water bottles, bug spray, wedding programs that double as fans, and cute parasols that match your wedding colors.

3. Disperse metal tubs full of ice and various kinds of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks around your venue. Guests will appreciate being able to help themselves to a cold drink in the blistering heat.

4. Signage…Lots and lots of signage. This can be in the form of chalkboard arrows pointing guests in the direction of the restrooms, ceremony location, reception area or bar. Not only do this look fabulous but they are completely functional as well.

5. Flip Flops in a basket. For female guests that have worn heels that dig into the grass, providing flip flops in a range of different sizes is always a good idea. If you would like to forgo this idea it is best to write a little note in the invitations suggesting appropriate shoes be worn.

6. Lawn games are always a win at outdoor weddings. Guests can keep themselves busy during the cocktail reception or while the bridal party is off taking photographs with a game of Croquet or Bocce Ball while having a drink.

7. Flowers tend to wilt in the sun so it is suggested you have someone (wedding planner or guest) on hand with a spritzer bottle spraying the flowers with water throughout the day. Doing this will allow your flowers to last throughout the day. Bouquets should also be kept on the head table in small vases. Try to incorporate the vases into your décor budget. Not only will the flowers last longer they also add to the head table décor.

8. Ice Cream or Sundae station. Several companies provide this service for any events. It’s especially nice to have a self-serve ice cream station or an Ice Cream Truck at your wedding.

9. Lighting is key. String lights throughout the venue as well as lanterns lights the venue up as the sun goes down. There are several great options for outdoor lighting and the creates a magical touch to the evening.

10. Sparkler Send-Off. A perfect romantic good-bye to the newlyweds. Nuf said!


Posted on July 30, 2015

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