Holiday Engagements

What would make for an unforgettable Christmas? A new Chanel? Maybe a birkin? How about a shiny diamond ring? Yes! Yes! Yes!

There are very few gifts that can top a Christmas proposal which explains why Christmas Day is the most popular day for engagements…I mean even Matt Damon proposed on Christmas!

Is it the crisp winter air? The festive season surrounded by family? Or is it just your partner’s way of saying I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you on your favorite holiday! Whatever it may be, being proposed to over the holidays will make an already nostalgic, festive time even more special. If you are lucky to be sporting a shiny new rock than we at A Stylish Event would like to share with you a list we’ve compiled to get you started. I know many of you are thinking “Ok I’m Engaged Now What??? “ No worries just read on…

10. Tell both your families, all your friends and of course make your big announcement on social media. Hells get a blimp…


9. Insure your ring ASAP!

8. 5-year plan. This is something all engaged couples should sit down and discuss. This is also a good time to open your books to each other. It’s important to know of any student loans, debt, assets etc.

7. Hire a wedding planner!! If you choose to hire a wedding planner the sooner you do so the better. Wedding planners generally charge a flat rate fee so the sooner you have one on board the better.

6. Plan an Engagement Party. This isn’t completely necessary but it’s always nice to celebrate special occasions and you only get to be engaged for a short time so why not have a party!

5. Find a photographer and book your Engagement Photo Shoot


4. Guest List. It’s never too early to have a rough estimate of your guest list. Don’t be surprised when your dad is adamant that Aunt Sheila, her husband and their 4 kids from Wisconsin must attend the wedding. Two sets of parent’s means a lot of relatives you haven’t met…pick your battles.

3. Budget!!! This is so important! Working within a budget means you or your wedding planner can plan without any disappointments. If your parents are helping out speak to them and your fiancé so everyone is on the same page.

2. Stock up on wedding magazines. Go to the newsstand and purchase every bridal magazine possible. Get ideas; find dresses, hairstyles and just zone out.

1. Get a massage and relax. Planning a wedding can be a lot more stressful than people think so always remember when things get too intense, step back and take some time for yourself. Pamper yourself with a massage or mani/pedi.

So there you have it. Congrats on your engagement!

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Posted on January 8, 2015

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